It’s Labor Day Weekend, for many of us the official end of summer and start of fall.

Our rituals and focus change. Kids started school or they are about to. They shopped, figured out what they needed and packed their bags.

Remember when you were a kid and got ready for a fresh start by packing your bag for school.

What will you need in your knapsack to succeed this fall? Here are my suggestions:

* Pack two or three clear goals.

For instance, saving $1,000, making peace with someone who hurt you, or, if you’re a parent, building your kid’s self esteem.

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* Pack patience.

* Pack a de-stress, time-for-me plan.

Could be a weekend getaway, or quiet time in the car in the McDonald’s parking lot sipping a latte whenever you need to. Have a plan.

* Pack a resource list in your cell phone or in a book with all the important numbers and emails you need in one place.

Doctor, girlfriend, work, kid’s teacher, hairstylist, fave fashion website and so on.

* You’ll need an affirmation you memorize and put on your wall that calms and inspires you.

* And finally: Pack a positive outlook.