It’s possible to be happy in any circumstance. Happiness is really about peace of mind. No matter the situation you may find yourself in, you can cultivate peace of mind.

The idea that we will be happy when we have boatloads of money, a husband or a dream job, is false. It’s not these external items that bring us the happiness, it’s how we think about them. It’s what is happening inside you.

There are many unhappy millionaires. How many friends do you know who are married and miserable?

Cultivate an attitude of calm and peace this weekend. You can stop right where you are and breathe in and out deeply for 60 seconds.

Go for a five minute walk or run and concentrate on an affirmation like “I am at peace” or “I am grateful.”

Say Psalm 23 three times and think about what you are saying.

Smile for no reason and say “Life is Interesting. I am life.”

Do one of these actions a few times this weekend to help you cultivate an attitude of calm and peace. You deserve it.