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Higher Heights For America PAC Officially Endorses Biden-Harris Ticket

The PAC, which seeks to elect more progressive Black women to political office, noted that the Biden-Harris ticket is a "pivotal moment."
Higher Heights For America PAC Officially Endorses Biden-Harris Ticket
Michael A. McCoy/Getty Images

Higher Heights for America PAC, which has previously endorsed Senator Kamala Harris’s 2016 run for Senate and her presidential campaign, has officially thrown itself behind the Biden-Harris 2020 ticket, endorsing the senator once again to serve as vice president of the United States.

Glynda C. Carr, the president and CEO of Higher Heights, lauded the vice presidential hopeful as a champion for issues important to the membership, including the economy, health care education and gun safety.

The PAC exclusively works to elect more progressive Black women to political office and boasts, among its achievements, securing the largest number of Black women to ever simultaneously serve in Congress and electing more Black women to serve as mayors for the country’s 100 most populated cities.

Carr noted that Harris’s nomination, which saw her become the first Black, first South Asian-American and first woman to accept a major party’s vice-presidential nomination, would show the power of Black women in the political arena.

“The 2020 election cycle will again have the potential to be a historic moment for Black women. A record number of Black women are running for the first time and to be reelected, and Black women are again projected to be a critical and influential voting block in both the Democratic party primaries and general election. Higher Heights enthusiastically supports Kamala Harris for vice president at this pivotal moment for our nation,” Carr said in a press release.

The PAC looks forward to seeing Harris work with Biden to resolve a host of issues in American society, including eliminating health and financial disparities caused by systemic racism, ending violence against women, investing in women-owned small business and, of course, combating the coronavirus.

“Senator Harris is not only qualified, she has the experience to lead. Biden selecting her at this pivotal moment in our nation’s history will demonstrate the power of Black women. Higher Heights is giving Black women the tools to be informed and engaged and to take action to support Senator Harris’s historic candidacy,” Carr added.