Miami police Captain Javier Ortiz stood before a Miami City Commission meeting on Friday and responded to allegations that he was making a mockery of efforts to bring more Black officers onto the force.

According to reports, the cop, who possesses a record of race-baiting and racial discrimination, had previously changed his race designation from Hispanic white to Black.

“I’m a Black male,” Ortiz claimed from a podium as Miami City Commissioner Keon Hardemon and others looked on with bewilderment. “Yes, I am. And I am not Hispanic. I was born in this country. That’s how I feel.” The exchange between the commissioners and the former president of the Fraternal Order of Police was caught on camera.

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Ortiz was present for a discussion regarding racial equality within the Miami Police Department. Accusations have been made that the department is racist in nature and has fostered discrimination. Ortiz himself has been accused of racist conduct including making false accusations against Black NFL player Robby Anderson, arresting Black men without just cause and calling on cops to boycott Beyoncé because she performed a Black Panther-inspired set at the 2016 Super Bowl halftime show.

Ortiz, who has been promoted despite his racist tendencies, says his new-found Blackness stems from finding out that there are people in his family who are Black.

“You’re probably Black too,” he tells a White commissioner during the meeting.


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