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By Nicholas “Sixx” King

Why do men cheat? Some men are as faithful as their options allow them to be, other men simply cheat out of curiosity! Do all men cheat? No! Most men associate sex with a physical act, whereas women generally associate sex with emotions.

How a man handles temptation is essential to him staying monogamous in his relationship. Most men do not associate loyalty with their mate as they oftentimes do with their male friends. Additionally, most men won’t lie to their male friends or do something to outright hurt or betray them. Conversely, they will make a decision that could hurt or betray their mate such as cheating.

Remember, most men typically don’t have emotional attachments when having “cheating” sex with another woman. They can love their wives to death and still have sex with someone then go home to a loving wife. Once you’ve established the same loyalty with a man that he has with his male friends, he will most likely never commit infidelity because of the loyalty factor towards you!

Have you noticed that a man is less forgiving when he catches a woman cheating? That’s because in his mind he’s saying, “You actually like this guy!” Loyalty to a man is what emotional connections are to a woman.

Nicholas “Sixx” King is a Los Angeles-based single father, producer, activist and author of the forthcoming book “Giving Love A Chance: The Secrets to Men, Women & Relationships.”