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Is Martin Lawrence the True Inventor of Dabbing?

The comedian provides powerful evidence.
Is Martin Lawrence the True Inventor of Dabbing?
Instagram/Martin Lawrence

Dabbing has undeniably swept the nation. Your friend dabs, your mom dabs, your grandma dabs, and even Hillary Clinton does the dance.

But who invented dabbing? Some say you can trace the dance back to Atlanta rap group Migos or Skippa Da Flippa, but others dispute that claim. 

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Long before Cam Newton pushed it to the mainstream, before it was appropriated by people who lack any and all rhythm, even before Skippa Da Flippa and Migos, there was Martin Lawrence.

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Yesterday, the actor posted a throwback pic of himself surrounded by friends, including Christopher Reid, aka Kid, and Tisha Campbell-Martin. He claims that he’s dabbing in the photo. Maybe he is, maybe he isn’t. It looks a little like he’s just resting his arm on the couch, but maybe he was mid-dab when the camera clicked. We’ll never know for sure, but Martin is a pioneer no matter what.

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