Chris Rocks' #TBT tribute with Martin Lawrence is giving us laughs and fond memories of highs (and lows) 90's fashion.

Jolie A. Doggett
Mar, 12, 2015

Who are the original bad boys of comedy? According to Chris Rock, it's him and Martin Lawrence.

Rock posted an old school pic of him and Lawrence for today's #TBT with the caption "The original bad boys" and we have to admit, they definitely have the bad boy look down.

This black and white throwback pic is the perfect round up of everything that was great about the 90's: leatherjackets, distressed jeans, high top fades, and of course, Martin and Chris (could that be a Coke in Martin's hand?) 

Though their style may have changed one thing is still true: Chris Rock and Martin Lawrence are still two of the funniest men in comedy.