Mariah Carey Still Recovering From Shoulder Injury
Getty Images

Mariah Carey is still an injured butterfly, says her husband, Nick Cannon.

Extra caught up with Cannon to chat about Carey, who slipped and fell while shooting a music video in early July.

“It is a severe injury, she still has nerve damage, she can’t really move her arm right now,” said Cannon. “… She can’t really hold anything yet, that’s going to take a while… lots of physical therapy.”

Carey was immediately taken to the emergency room after falling. Doctors reset her shoulder and bandaged her up. Thankfully, as Cannon shared, her shoulder is back in place and her rib is healed.

Being the trooper that she is, the former American Idol judge carried on with her scheduled commitments. She was photographed looking fabulous with an equally fabulous sling for her injured arm.

Get well soon, Mariah!

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