Louisville City Council Expresses ‘No Confidence’ In Mayor’s Handling Of Breonna Taylor Case 
Jon Cherry/Getty Images

On Thursday, The Louisville Metro Council showed with their votes exactly what they thought of Mayor Greg Fischer’s handling of the case surrounding Breonna Taylor’s killing at the hands of police, passing a resolution expressing “no confidence” in the mayor, CNN reports.

The resolution passed by a landslide 22 to 4, and calls on the mayor to take specific actions to “restore trust between the residents of Louisville Metro and its government and to ensure the safety and equality of all its residents.”

The council is calling for a full review of the local police department by the end of this year, as well as other initiatives to advance policies for social and racial justice, the network notes.

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The council is also calling for the “complete investigative findings” into the killings of Breonna Taylor, David McAtee and other incidents involving the following unrest to be shared publicly following their conclusion, a change in police policies to change the culture of the police, to push recruiting practices to ensure that the makeup of the police force reflects that of the city and several other action items, as the Louisville Courier-Journal lists.

In a statement addressing the vote, Fischer acknowledged, “With the benefit of hindsight, I see that given the choice of two difficult paths, I’ve sometimes taken the wrong one.”

“I apologize for all this because what’s also clear is this, we have enormous challenges, and to move forward we need to pull together, and we must work together in both good times and tough times like these,” he added