Kyrie Irving Speaks On That Controversial Yacht Party
David Liam Kyle/NBAE/Getty Images

Last Friday, a video surfaced of Kyrie Irving having a yacht party that caused Twitter to go into a frenzy. Many noticed that most of the women shown in the video were white and Twitter soon started to refer to Irving’s party as a “No Black Girls Allowed” party.

Now, Irving is addressing the controversy. In a post shared on Facebook, the Cleveland Cavaliers player says, “I wasn’t raised to discriminate against any race let alone any race of women, especially my own. I was raised by the black women in my family and for me to be connected to some nonsense like a “No black girls allowed” party is embarrassing and an inaccurate portrayal of who and what I represent as man.”

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He goes on to add that he initially wasn’t going to address the topic, but after those close to him were forced to answer questions about the party he felt he had to. “I would like to apologize to anyone if they were offended initially without knowing any of what actually happened, but that story has no truth to it and I wanted to clear the air on all of this B.S. And for those who know me, I’m sorry you all had to answer questions about a story as ridiculous as something like this. But now, I would like to continue celebrating this championship. Thank you.”

Irving also posted an image to Instagram immediately following the drama, captioned: “All different shades. [sic] #Tryadifferentstory #2016WorldChampions” So, looks like that settles that.

All different shades. 👌🏾 #Tryadifferentstory #2016WorldChampions

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