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Georgia Jimmy John's Workers Fired After Fashioning Noose From Bread Dough

In video circulating on social media, one Jimmy John's worker hangs a bread "noose" over his colleague's neck and yanks it as others laugh.
Georgia Jimmy John’s Workers Fired After Fashioning Noose From Bread Dough

Four workers from a Jimmy John’s in Woodstock, Georgia, lost their jobs after fashioning a noose out of bread dough and mock hanging a colleague while laughing.

According to The Telegraph, video footage of the incident, which was posted to Snapchat, quickly spread to other social media platforms and promped outrage.

In the video, the apparent bread noose had already been fashioned. As one employee holds the end, another squeezes his head through the loop of the noose before his colleague begins to yank on the end of the noose. Others could be heard giggling in the background. The video had a “Happy 4th of July” filter on it.

Jimmy John’s own Twitter account swiftly responded to the circulating video, noting, “We have zero tolerance for racism or discrimination in any form. The franchisee has taken immediate action and the employees have been terminated. The actions seen in this video are completely unacceptable and do not represent the Jimmy John’s brand.”