If You Can Try Just One Thing To Improve Your Marriage In 2016, This Is It

Women seeking solid, on demand marriage advice and inspiration know they can always find it on HappyWivesClub.com, an online community of over a million supportive wives created by Fawn Weaver.

Proud wife Weaver’s books The Argument-Free Marriage: 28 Days to Creating The Marriage You’ve Always Wanted with The Spouse You Already Have and Happy Wives Club: One Woman’s Worldwide Search for the Secrets of a Great Marriage both debuted as New York Times bestsellers and her TED talk was buzzed about for months. All for good reason because this woman knows her stuff, and she’s sharing her best marriage advice for 2016 with you. Listen up, ladies!

It Really Is All About You

“Focus on who you are and what you want. I know this seems counterintuitive when considering marriage and the interdependent nature of it. But over the years, one thing I have found consistent among the happiest married women is they focus on themselves. Not in a self-centered or selfish way, but rather asking, “What could I personally do better? What can I do to improve my own happiness having nothing to do with my spouse? How can I carve out time to rest and set aside “me time?” When you spend more time focusing on what you can do better, what you can do to improve your own happiness having nothing to do with external factors and how to take care of yourself better (and with consistency), you’ll find that your marriage receives an immediate boost because your marriage is a reflection of those within it, and you are in complete control of at least 50-percent of it.”

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Speak With An Open Heart

“Speak with an open heart, from a place of vulnerability. So often, our insecurities cause us to cover up our natural, more vulnerable responses (hurt, sadness, disappointment, fear) with a more aggressive response (anger, jealousy, rage). When you are able to say exactly how you’re feeling, but from a place of love and honesty, you’re able to have a conversation that is heart-to-heart rather than head-to-head.”

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Try This Positive Affirmation Out For Size

“Say, ‘I am grateful for my marriage. I am grateful for my spouse. I am grateful that I’ve been blessed with a partner to be by my side through this journey called life.’ When speaking positive affirmations about your marriage, they should always begin with gratitude. It’s impossible to be angry and grateful at the same time. So when you choose the latter throughout the day, every moment of every day, you are able to create the marriage of your dreams beginning today.”

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