Flavor Flav Actually Owns the Real O.J. Simpson Statue
Twitter/Flavor Flav

If you watched the series finale of American Crime Story: The People v. O.J. Simpson and wondered how they managed to get their hands on the O.J. statue, well, they didn’t.

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Turns out that the person who owns the actual O.J. Simpson statue is none other than Flavor Flav. A little while ago, Flav let everyone know that the show’s statue was a fake and that he was the owner of the real deal. “People Vs OJ I don’t know were y’all got that fake statue of OJ from ,I got da reel one with me YALL,!! FLAVOR FLAV,” he tweeted.

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TMZ did a little digging and found out just how the statue ended up in Flav’s possession. Well, turns out he got the thing as gift from radio host Mancow Muller, who bought the statue during an auction in 1999. Flav even tried to give the statue back to O.J. at one point, but the former football player said if he took it “they would just take it away again.”

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And, that’s the tale of how an infamous statue ended up in the hands of the most random person.

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