‘Tis the season for big name celebrities, red-carpets, bright lights and acceptance speeches.

That’s right, award season officially kicked off Sunday night at the 73rd annual Golden Globe Awards.

Stars Shine at the 2016 Golden Globe Awards

A few great moments took the night including Taraji P. Henson’s epic speech, the jaw-dropping fashion moments from favorites like Jada Pinkett Smith and Zendaya and drop dead gorgeous makeup and hair looks from Angela Bassett, Laverne Cox and more!

Although some of our favorite stars were able to shine last night, we can’t help but to recognize that Black faces are notoriously overlooked during this season. Over time it seems that the blatant lack of representation at these events has caused many people of color to write the award season off all-together.

So, when it comes to award shows where do you stand? Are you always tuned in? Do you only pay attention if we’re well represented or are you skipping them altogether?

Sound off below!

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