Florida Deputy Fired After Viral Video Captures Him Slamming Teen’s Face Into Ground
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A Broward County, Fla. Sheriff’s deputy, who drew ire earlier this year after being captured slamming a 15-year-old boy’s head into the pavement, has been fired for his part in the encounter.

According to CNN, an internal affairs review actually called for Deputy Christopher Krickovich to “be exonerated despite the video testimony and other evidence showing a clear violation of BSO’s use-of-force policy.” However, Sheriff Greg Tony took matters into his own hands, ignoring the recommendation and firing Krickovich.

‘”When my deputies do the right thing, I will always support them and have their back. But I will not stand idly by while anyone violates his or her sworn duty to protect,” Tony said in a news release, according to the report.

Krickovich’s violent takedown of 15-year-old Delucca Rolle went viral back in April.

Video showed Krickovich slamming Rolle’s head into the ground, even as the teen tried to protect his face with his arm.

The teen was slapped with charges including resisting arrest and trespassing, prompting many to accuse deputies of drumming up charges; however, the State Attorney’s Office declined to move forward with the prosecution and those charges were ultimately dropped.

A deputies union representing Krickovich expressed its disappointment over the sheriff’s actions, claiming that the he “has once again violated the procedural due process.”

“Krickovich could not speak on his behalf at a pre-disciplinary hearing and was not afforded a proper ‘Loudermill hearing,'” Jeff Bell, the president of the Broward Sheriff’s Office Deputies Association, railed in a statement. “Sheriff Tony forced Krickovich to choose between giving up his right to remain silent and not self-incriminate himself or speak at a hearing to save his job.”

Two other deputies were also investigated in the case. Deputy Ralph Mackey received a written reprimand for not activating his body camera during the altercation, while the results of Sgt. Gregory LaCerra’s investigation remains pending.

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