#JusticeForLucca Trends After Unarmed Black Teen Is Brutally Beaten By Florida Police
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The mayor of Florida’s Broward County has called for the firing of a sheriff deputy after a video of his violent arrest of teenagers at a McDonald’s went viral.

In a video of the incident that took place on Thursday, the deputy can be seen punching and banging a teenager’s head on the ground during the arrest near J.P. Taravella High School in Tamarac

Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies responded to a disturbance outside the McDonald’s. According to WSVN, the students from the high school had congregated at the fast food restaurant to see a planned fight.

“The behavior of these Broward Sheriff’s Office deputies was outrageous and unacceptable,” Broward Mayor Mark Bogen said in a statement. “The officer who jumped on the student, punched the student and banged his head to the ground should be fired immediately.”

The video starts with one student being handcuffed on the ground. Then as another male teen approaches, the same officer pepper-sprays him in the face. The teen was then tackled to the ground, as another officer rushes to force the boy’s neck to the ground.

The first officer has been identified as Christopher Krickovich, and he has been placed on a restrictive administrative assignment until an investigation is conducted.

Two teens were arrested and one has been identified simply as “Lucca”. One was charged with trespassing, the other with assaulting an officer and obstruction without violence.

Twitter user Markese Ture explained what he saw happen in an Instagram post.

“He’s a kind, sweet soul. He bent down to pick up the cell phone of another boy who was also wrongly arrested,” Instagram user Markese Ture wrote. “[…] When he stood up, the officer sprayed his face with pepper spray then proceeded to brutally assault him. These kids were gathered at a local McDonald’s after school when police showed up. Lucca broke no laws. Was unarmed. Non-violent.”

“Over the next few days, this may take some time for us to look thoroughly into, but understand we will be transparent, and if folks need to be held accountable, it shall be done, so please be patient with us,” Sheriff Gregory Tony said in a Twitter video.