Black Women Celebrate Their Lips Following Racist Comments on MAC’s Instagram Page

Days after MAC Cosmetics posted a photo of a dark-skinned model with full lips modeling a stunning lip color, a campaign was launched to combat the blacklash the company’s photo received. Users flooded MAC’s comments with derogatory and negative statements aimed at the model Aamito Lagum.

MAC Posts Pic of Model With Full Lips, Starts Firestorm of Racist Comments

Yaba Blay, Instagram user @fiyawata, started the hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod to uplift both the model and women around the world to celebrate the fullness of their lips.



CALL FOR LIPS!! #PrettyPeriod x #LipGame = #PrettyLipsPeriod This week, MAC cosmetics posted a photograph of a Black woman’s lips to it’s IG page. Taken backstage during #NYFW, the photo was meant to showcase MAC’s “Royal Romance” lipstick. Instead, the photo was bombarded with a barrage of racist comments. MAC hasn’t addressed the issue, but we will. No need to address the racist trolls. We know why they’re mad. No matter how hard they try, Black is MOST beautiful when it’s on Black bodies. Deal with it. What we WILL do is show our sister some LOVE! The “Black woman” that new sources fail to identify is Aamito Lagum (@aamito_lagum). And she is STUNNING! Hers are #PrettyLipsPeriod. Turn the photo horizontally, and her lips literally form the shape of a heart! PERFECT! Originally, 19-year old model Maryse Kye thought the picture was of her lips. She posted about the incident on her own IG page (@marysekye) saying that although she “felt so insecure and a bit embarrassed” as she read the comments, she smiled as she saw the love and support of strangers. Although it turns out that they are not in fact her lips, we’re still showing her love! That she though they were hers and was negatively impacted by the commentary is all the more reason for us to love her up too! Let’s show our love and support not only for Aamito and Maryse, but for ALL OF US! EVERYBODY IS GETTING KISSES! CALLING ALL LIPS!! 1. Take a selfie of yourself wearing a stunning shade of lipstick. (The photo should be of your lips only) 2. Post it to Instagram and/or Twitter using the hashtag #PrettyLipsPeriod 3. Please tag @prettyperiod365 @officiallipgame @maccosmetics Lip Love for our sistas! Let’s Go!

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MAC Cosmetics eventually addressed the commenters in an Instagram post stating, “M·A·C stands for and respects All Ages, All Races, All Sexes. We celebrate the beauty of individuality, and the confidence to be who you are.”

The hashtag, which has quickly spread from Instagram to Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, is an uplifting call for not only #BlackGirlMagic but #BlackExcellence everywhere. 



REPOSTING FOR ALL THE BLACK GIRL WITH BEAUTIFUL BIG LIPS…#prettylipsperiod #maccosmetics #blackgirlmatter #melanin

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#prettylipsperiod Kae Pop #chi

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