Alicia Keys Named BlackBerry Global Creative Director
Getty Images

Over the years we’ve witnessed Alicia Keys’ resume grow. Last fall, Keys jumped on board with Reebok to design a kickin’ line of sneakers and today she was named global creative director of BlackBerry.

Before a crowded room in New York, Keys explained her favorite features on BlackBerry 10—the company’s new operating system—reports the Los Angeles Times.

In her new role, Keys will promote BlackBerry 10 to new customers, her fellow celeb friends and developers alike.

As for her raging fans who can’t get enough of the combustible girl, does this transition from the glitzy iPhone to BlackBerry mean no more Instagram? Her future on the social media app is unclear. Instagram isn’t available on BlackBerry.

Keys’s most recent Instagram post was one day ago.

Will you make the jump to BlackBerry?

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