Dear Love, It’s been a while since I’ve experienced the wonderful facets that you have to offer when you’re in my company. So many different things have occurred in my life since we’ve parted ways, but I look forward to your return. When we first went our separate ways, I vowed never to deal with you again. I was angry and hurt. But I soon realized it wasn’t you that I dreaded, it was your absence that I dreaded. When we were together I felt like I could conquer the world; my passion for doing things became ten times greater. The smile that you kept on my face was priceless, and the enthusiasm that flowed through my soul was a miracle in itself. I ask myself on a daily basis where I went wrong, and then as I take the time out to stop and listen, I hear your soft whispers that say you’re still here silently residing in my heart waiting for that phone call to come back into my life. As I screen out the hopefuls or the maybes to invite them over for your grand entrance, I patiently enjoy our time alone that was something I had to learn to do. I always felt that in order to fully enjoy you, I had to wait for someone else to tell me that you were visiting them as well and that it took two versions of you to equal one, when in fact, that’s not the case. I’ve learned that you have many hearts that you call home, and I’m honored that you still reside in mine. For more of Nicholas “Sixx” King’s Giving Love a Chance stories, click here.