Hindsight is always 20/20!

That saying has never been truer in the case of actress and TV host Sherri Shepherd and her well-publicized divorce from ex-husband Lamar Sally. The former couple was introduced via fellow actress and mutual friend Niecy Nash. Their bitter divorce made headlines with a maternity suit, ending with a judge ruling Shepherd legally and financially responsible for their son Lamar, Jr., born via surrogate.

Recently, Shepherd visited her friend D.L. Hughley’s radio show and discussed why she ignored the relationship red flags. “The first time I saw him, I swear to God, I said, ‘That’s a sorry-ass dude,'” Hughley admitted to his friend on air. Shepherd agreed, saying, “Everybody said that. Steve Harvey said it, Barbara Walters said it, Whoopi [Goldberg] wouldn’t come to my wedding. Everybody tried to tell me. The only person who showed up was Kym Whitley, because she got a free iPad and she was my bridesmaid — we gave away free iPads.”

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Hughley’s co-host Jasmine Sanders asked Shepherd why she chose to overlook the many warnings from her friends. She says it was the deep longing for love. “I was in New York doing The View. I was lonely. That’s what it was,” she tells the show hosts. “You can’t do stuff out of fear and being lonely. All of the women of The View were amazing, but they had lives. Whoopi would go home and eat her brownies; she was gone for the night. Then Elizabeth Hasselbeck had her family and Joy [Behar] had hers, so I was out there by myself. I didn’t have custody of Jeffrey [her son]. I’m fighting for custody of Jeffrey, and Niecy Nash introduced me to this person.”

Shepherd also reveals that while she and Nash did have a brief spat over this, the Claws actress came to her defense during their court battle. “One time [Lamar] had taken me to court for money, and she called him in her little closet because she didn’t want her husband to hear…and she cursed him out,” Shepherd says.

Shepherd has mostly stayed clear of Sally since the finalization of their divorce in 2015. However, in 2017, the actress clapped back after finding her ex-husband’s dating profile listing him as “well off.”

“Hmmm I wonder if he’s using the #ChildSupport money I pay for him to be ‘well off,'” she tweeted.

Watch Shepherd’s full interview with D.L. Hughley below:


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