Is Bae Hiding Something From You? Here Are 5 Easy Ways To Tell
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Nothing is worse than thinking your boo isn’t trustworthy and has been lying to you. That sinking feeling you have in your chest right now that bae is hiding something from you could just be your mind playing tricks on you. However, more often than not, your female intuition is usually right if you suspect bae is being sneaky and keeping secrets. They say love is blind, but you don’t have to be blindsided by betrayal. That’s why before you confront your significant other with accusations and assumptions, it’s important to check for these five signs. If any ring true in your relationship, you’re not just being paranoid. Chances are, your boo hasn’t been honest or forthcoming about something. 1. Bae Has Stopped Showing Affection A person’s body language can be just as telling as the words they say. Have you noticed bae doesn’t want to cuddle or hold hands anymore? A lack of intimacy in the relationship could mean your S.O. is no longer interested or, even worse, showing affection to someone else. 2. Bae’s Stories Have Too Many Details Pay attention to bae’s responses when you question his or her whereabouts. As humans, when we get caught in a lie, we tend to overembellish and add extra details to make the story more believable. 3. Bae Won’t Answer Calls In Front of You Probably the biggest sign something’s up is how your partner acts around you when they get a call or text. Does your S.O. walk off to answer the phone, or, better yet, does bae not answer but reply back to the person with a text? It might be time to have a conversation or ask for the passcode. 4. Bae Randomly Starts Fights With You If you ever find your partner purposefully trying to distance him or herself from you or pick fights with you, the sudden mood swings could be a red flag. On the flip side, if bae is being too nice, they could be feeling guilty about something. 5. Bae Has New Friends…Who You’ve Never Met We know what you’re thinking: Since when is making new friends a bad thing or cause for suspicion?It’s not. But if bae is hanging out with those new friends more than you or hesitant about introducing you to the new besties, as the elders put it, something in the milk ain’t clean.


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