What You Said: 20 Love Lies You Can't Forgive

Don't you hate it when he's dishonest with you? It hurts the most when he he tells a big one. We asked our readers to share which lies are unforgivable.

Charli Penn Aug, 20, 2013

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“I didn’t sleep with her.” – Majela A.

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“The child is not mine. (But it really is.)” – Bernie L.

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“I'm in the process of a getting a divorce.” – Jerri J.

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“I don’t have an STD. I’ve been tested.” – Natalie M.

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“She’s just a friend.” – Omekula M.

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“I’m straight.” – Pam R.

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“That wasn’t me you saw there. It was another guy” – Terri L.

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“You can trust me. I'm not like other guys from your past.” – Jehna J.

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“I’m not married.” – Andrea R.

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“My phone died.” – Ternicka M.

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“It was just sex! I don't love her.” - Leisha D.

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“I would break up with you before I cheated.” – Evelyn G.

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“She’s just a friend.” – Omekula M.

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“Please don’t tell me you have a job, when you don’t, or pick me up in someone else’s car and pretend it’s yours.” – Amber W.

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“It's over between she and I.” – Janell T.

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“It’s not you, it’s me. Stop it!” – Vivian F.

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“I don’t introduce you to my family because I don’t get along with them.” – Caren Jefferson

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“’My mother lives with me,’ when it’s really her house.” – LaShawn M.

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“When they say ‘I don’t want to lose you,’ and they’re already cheating.” - Cora R.

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“I haven't been with anybody else since we broke up.” – Rochelle L.