5 Obvious Signs Your Ex Wants You Back

Breaking up is hard to do, but it’s even harder when you feel as if you can’t move on. Just when you’re finally ready to start dating again, your ex starts sending mixed signals. Curious as to whether your ex still has feelings for you? Read on to discover five obvious signs your ex really does want you back, and what to do if you’re not interested.

1. Your Ex Tries to Stay in Contact With You

Is your ex randomly texting you, double-tapping your old photos or sliding in your DMs? Chances are, they’re trying to shoot their shot and get that old thing back. Not interested? Allow us to introduce you to the block button.

2. Your Ex Keeps Asking Your BFFs About You

If your ex wants to know how you’re doing, they may not be bold enough to contact you directly, opting to ask your girls about you instead. It’s one thing if your BFFs bring you up in casual conversation, but it’s another if your ex is always finding ways to talk about you with your friends.

3. You Keep Randomly Bumping Into Your Ex

If you share mutual friends, running into your ex is probably unavoidable. However, if your ex is always showing up everywhere you go, all signs point to the fact that they’re trying to see you on purpose or stalking you. Either way, it’s problematic.

4. Your Ex Wants To Know Why You Broke Up

There’s nothing wrong with reminiscing on the past and the good times. But if your ex keeps asking to meet up to discuss what happened for…um…closure, they’re definitely not over you yet. Moving on means not caring about what went wrong or needing to prove how much they loved you.

5. Your Ex Gets Jealous About Your New Bae

If your ex is truly unbothered, they wouldn’t be concerned about your new boo. It’s okay for them to want you to be happy. But your ex shouldn’t be jealous when they see you hanging out with someone new or posting pics with your S.O. on social media.