Beloved R&B singer Lloyd is back as a new man, and he has fatherhood to thank for that. “I cried everyday for the first three weeks after having my son,” the New Orleans-born singer revealed on The Breakfast Club last week. “It made me look at my mom different and respect her a great deal…especially with her raising me by myself.”
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His son, 14 months, and daughter, who is now 5 months, were born a year apart and during the same month. Lloyd said the experience of becoming a father has changed him for the better. “[I’ve changed] as a man, as an artist, as a human being, a neighbor, son and a brother. I look at everything different,” he revealed. Lloyd is currently on the road with The Millenium Tour, which has him spending extended periods of time away from his kids. It hasn’t been easy on the singer.
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“Being away from them causes anxiety, but I also look at people’s activities a lot different,” he said on the syndicated radio show. “If I see someone acting a certain way, I’ll say ‘dang, where her daddy at?’ [I realized] everyone is someone’s daughter. Everyone is someone’s sister. Those are the most special people in my life.” He revealed on The Breakfast Club last week that he hadn’t left his son’s side during his first year. “I recorded the rest of the TRU album with him in the studio,” he told the hosts. “I played instruments for him everyday as a kid and sang him to sleep everyday, just really enjoying it.” Lloyd and his girlfriend, Dhea Abraham, first announced they were expecting their son back in August 2017 via Twitter. And he revealed they were expecting a second child last August. We’re on the edge of our seats waiting for photos of the youngins! Watch the full interview below:


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