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Just Engaged: Katrina and Reggie

Katrina went to a friend's party and fell in love with the DJ. Now she and her fiance, Reggie, are playing nothing but sweet love songs.
Bride-to-Be: Katrina Grace Green, 30, Account Executive at a Health Care Company

Groom-to-Be: Reginald Sherard Kendrick, 42, Senior WAN Engineer

To Be Married On:  September 30, 2012

DJ Play Me A Love Song
The last person Katrina expected to meet at her friend’s 70’s-themed birthday party was her future husband. She actually approached him to talk business, not pleasure. Reggie was the sexy DJ spinning tunes across the room, and Katrina was in search of good entertainment for her sister’s upcoming wedding. She asked him for his business card and then walked off. Instantly smitten, he made up a reason to be around her later that night, and this time he insisted she give him her number. Reggie was very persuasive, and eventually Katrina agreed. He called her the next day, the day after that, and the day after that. “When I first met Reggie, I was so excited I didn’t even want to talk about him,” says Katrina. The following week they met up for a romantic dinner date or shared fish tacos and sweet flirtations. It was the beginning of something big – this they were sure of.

Pull Over, Baby
After two years of happily dating and building their bond, marriage was something Katrina and Reggie had discussed, but no firm plans were made. He wanted to splurge on a brand new Porsche Turbo, but promised her that the day he bought the car they’d be getting married also. She believed him, and with no new car in sight, she assumed a proposal wasn’t coming any time soon.

One evening, after seeing a theater show with her parents, Katrina was riding up Peachtree Street and Reggie sent her a text message that said to pull over wherever she was and wait for him. She quickly told her father to stop ahead. Reggie pulled up in a brand new Porsche Turbo and proposed to Katrina on bended knee right there beneath the streets lights in midtown Atlanta. Onlookers cheered for the happy couple and her mother cried tears of joy. Wedding plans soon followed, and now the happy couple eagerly anticipate their big

Help us wish Katrina and Reggie the very best on their wedding day. Can you feel the love?