To say that Karen and Deon Derrico, stars of the TLC show Doubling Down With The Derricos, have a lot on their plate would be an understatement. The couple is currently raising 14 children which include four sets of multiples (one set of quintuples, two sets twins and a set of triplets). As if this weren’t enough, the couple has been grappling with the health of one of their newborns, Dawsyn, who will soon require heart surgery.

In a clip shared exclusively with ESSENCE, Karen has a sit down with Deon after noticing that he doesn’t have a strong bond with Dawsyn like he does with the other children. In past episodes, Deon has expressed the heartbreak he and his wife suffered after losing their son Carter during a previous pregnancy.

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Given the fact that the Derricos are still grieving the loss of baby Carter from the last time they were pregnant with triplets, Karen feels Deon is apprehensive about forming a bond and attachment with baby Dawsyn. Karen feels like she doesn’t have the support that she needs while caring for Dawsyn, and Deon feels caught off guard by his wife’s sentiments.

Watch the clip above and don’t forget to tune into Doubling Down With The Derricos Tuesdays at 10pm on TLC.


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