Jahira And Chad Slayed Their Engagement Photo Shoot. Up Next? A Juneteenth Wedding.
Manuel Montenegro

A last-minute decision to go to happy hour ended up being one of the best decisions Jahira Chambers would ever make.

The 32-year-old Brooklyn native had been invited to a birthday soiree-meets-happy hour event by a friend who said his old college roommate would be a great guy for her to connect with. That guy was Chad Alonso.

“Our friend didn’t do the best job of ‘selling’ him to me so I wasn’t interested,” she admits. Nevertheless, she pushed past her doubt and made an appearance at the event. “I actually made a last-minute decision after work to stop by and show my face at the happy hour and just so happened to be at Chad’s table.”

Chad, 34 and a Brooklyn resident raised in Queens, actually didn’t know he was being set up to meet her. “Jahira and I were being friendly with small talk and I later found out my friend secretly wanted to connect us.”

The friend was on to something, as the two hit it off.

“It’s funny because that was the first, maybe only social event I ever went to without one of my girlfriends so I was forced to step out of my comfort zone and speak to people I didn’t know,” she says. “Chad was one of those people and he made it so easy.”

At the end of the night, they exchanged numbers — with pressure from their mutual friend — and their bond continued to grow, eventually evolving into love. Chad inevitably realized he’d found his person.

“She’s been in my corner during some rough times and with her I feel like we can get through anything,” he says. “She believes in me and inspires me to become a better partner and a better version of myself.”

And so, he popped the question in 2019, proposing on the Brooklyn Bridge the day after Thanksgiving (more on that later). Now the couple is planning to say “I do” with a Juneteenth wedding (more on that later, too). They shared their lovely engagement shoot with us, the theme being “young, Black, powerful, sexy and in love” according to Chad, and let us in on their very Black, beautiful, and meaningful wedding plans.

Engagement Shoot Credits:

Location: TWA Hotel

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Photographer: Manuel Montenegro, @mannyphotos_

Hairstylist: Dawn Woods, @_dawnixx

Makeup Artist: John Mendez, @jmua26