Lolo Jones And 7 Other Celebrity Women Who’ve Shared Their Frustration With Dating
Taylor Hill/WireImage

If you thought you were the only one weary of the dating scene, think again. While speaking about her upcoming book, Over It, Olympian and TV personality Lolo Jones opened up about her issues with dating. That’s something she’s certainly “over.”

“I have options but for the first time I’m really just bored with dating. I think after so many times of getting my hopes up that I will meet your person… you just get over it. You give up hope,” she wrote on Instagram recently.

“Look I’m no spring chicken. I’m 38 years old. I’m not at an age where I can pretend… like in my 20s ‘oh I’m not looking for anything serious’ when I was totally wanting to get married at that age,” she continued. “Now when you talk to guys at this age they know most likely you are looking for something serious… they don’t even ask. The good news about being this age and talking to other guys this age is, they are usually serious about dating and meeting their match too. What a relief. I’m glad I’m out of the 20s dealing with the just want to have fun guys.”

However, she said the relief doesn’t last for too long.

“But even still… Its [sic] hard to date. It’s always the same story, picking between two extremes,” she said. “One guy is a Christian one guy is not. One guy is a workaholic the other one unmotivated. I’m torn between personality or character. Looks or morals. And honestly lately… The dates all want me to travel to them. *coughs* RISK global pandemic date OR be a cat women [sic] for the rest of my life. Hard call.”

⁣Jones said she’s recently been stuck having nonstop phone calls with interested parties due to her desire to play it safe during the COVID pandemic. While it’s wise, it also leaves her feeling like she’s never going to meet these people face to face. Add to that the previous frustration and regret she’s had over going public about being a virgin waiting for marriage, and it certainly hasn’t been the easiest thing for Jones to navigate the dating pool. She is one of a number of notable women who’ve made it known that dating hasn’t necessarily been a walk in the park.

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