This Is How Much Black Women And Men Are Spending On Average To Prepare For Dates
Prostock-Studio/Getty Images

Slay life isn’t an easy life, but it’s one many of us women are committed to, especially for date nights. But have you ever thought about how much you spend to get glammed up for a date? 

Credit Karma has, so they recently conducted a survey to answer this question. 

The survey explores how much heterosexual couples in America spend on dating. When it comes to Black men and women, findings show that Black women spend an average of $107.20 to get ready, while Black men spend an average of $169.20. These costs include getting an outfit, accessories, personal care products, getting pampered at the spa, or going to the barber before your date and more. 

If you add food and beverage costs, Black women spend an average of $199.90 on dates, while Black men spend $268.90. We’re paying more than white men and women, who when factoring in date preparation and food and beverages, spend $194.40 and $143.50.

The study also delved into how men and women, in general, split the bill as well as thoughts and attitudes around it. As it turns out, 81% of men who go on dates prefer to pay the full bill and just 43% of women prefer their date to cover the entire thing. 

If you’re ever on a date and unsure about how to split the bill, you can pull out Credit Karma’s Split the Bill calculator. It asks you and your date for your name, gender, salary, and the cost of the bill, then calculates how much each individual should pay. The more you know.

Credit Karma is a personal finance company founded in 2007. They offer free credit scores based on data from TransUnion and Equifax–two of three of the largest consumer credit bureaus. They also offer credit reports and other fiance-related information.