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Here's What Type of Friend You Are, Based on Your Horoscope

Here’s What Type of Friend You Are, Based on Your Horoscope
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Within every clique, each person plays a specific role. Whether you’re the listener or the leader, each member of the squad knows how important it is to maintain their position to keep things harmonious and balanced. But have you ever stopped to think why you are the way you are as a friend? Not surprisingly, the roles in your close-knit circle are governed by your star sign and zodiac traits. For example, if you’re an Aries, most likely you’re the one in the group who is never afraid to speak their mind. On the other hand, a Taurus might reserve their judgment to keep the peace. Keep reading to find out what type of friend you are, based on your zodiac sign. Leo You’re the leader in your pack and the confident Alpha in your squad. Sometimes your bold and strong personality can come across as arrogant and overbearing. But your friends know it’s all in love, especially because you’re typically more warm-hearted than others give you credit for. However, having such a dominant personality comes in handy when it’s time to make decisions for the group or when you need to defend your BFFs from harm. Your friends are never bored around you, and they can trust that you’re there for the long haul. Virgo Virgos are all about striving for precision and perfection in everything they do, and they do it with a thoughtful and analytical approach. A Virgo is very attentive and notices everything, including their friends’ new haircuts and outfits. But sometimes that attentiveness can cause you to be overly critical of your friends. At the same time, however, sometimes you hold back from truly expressing how you really fee. In the squad, as a Virgo, your besties know they can count on you for organizing outings and ironing out the details. Though you may be shy at times, your candor and empathetic ear allows you to give unabashed advice to your besties. Libra If anyone’s good at keeping the peace in the group, it’s you, Libra. You’re the backbone of the squad. Your levelheadedness and innate ability to balance out things, people and situations is why your besties turn to you as a mediator when things get heated. Not to mention, you’re someone who always puts your friends first. Although sometimes you can feel as if you’re being taken advantage of or that your opinions don’t hold weight in the group. You also love to be surrounded by people, Libra, and you’re at your best in social settings where you can show off your fun side and make others feel comfortable. Scorpio To put it simply, you’re a real one, Scorpio. You’re the type to drop everything and anyone for your girls. Scorpios, by nature, are fiercely loyal and protective. So if a Scorpio ever feels like their love or loyalty isn’t reciprocated back from their friends, it can be very hard to win back their trust. Believe us, you don’t want to get on a Scorpio’s bad side. In your clique, you’re willing and always ready to avenge your besties if they’re being bullied or hurt. But your ability to be discreet is why your friends love you the most. They know they can divulge their deepest and darkest secrets to you without fear of you telling other people. Sagittarius Fire signs hate being bored and that includes Sagittarians. Free-spirited Sags love learning and acquiring knowledge, but most of all, they love having fun. Their energy, sense of humor and spontaneity makes them a blast to be around. Around your friends, you’re known as the silly one. Even though you love your BFFs, any of them can be a target when you let off a few jokes. You always know just what to say to help lift your besties’ spirits. However, sometimes you can lack tact when giving them your honest opinion. Capricorn Responsible and reliable Capricorns like to keep their circle small. And if they really consider you to be a true friend, they’ll truly treat you like family. Among your friends, you’re the one who takes on a mothering, nurturing role. When going out, you’re always making sure everyone is safe and doing what they’re supposed to do. Even though you can be controlling and stuck in your own ways of thinking, your friends appreciate you for being supportive and keeping them grounded. Aquarius The most unusual and unconventional sign of the zodiac, Aquarians are known for being loyal friends, but because they can come off as distant and unemotional, it could take some time for them to warm up. However, once they become comfortable around you, they’re the most supportive people to have in your corner. They’re the ones in the squad who are constantly inspiring their friends to see the big picture and envision all the possibilities. You’re great at sparking up deep, intellectual conversations within the group, but you also moonlight as the problem-solver in the squad. While you love motivating your friends and giving them advice, your greatest challenge is resisting the urge to take on everyone’s problems as your own. Pisces Pisceans are selfless, generous and very good listeners, especially when they’re tasked with lending their ears to their friends’ problems. But this can also be their downfall as a friend, because they can sometimes be trusting to a fault and may exhibit “pick me” behavior to get attention. In general, though, a Pisces is always willing to serve as a shoulder to cry on and is equipped to handle different situations, due to their emotional and intuitive nature. Every squad is better off with a few loyal, non-judgmental and compassionate Pisceans around. Aries It’s only fitting that the first sign in the zodiac would be the most the domineering. It’s not hard for you to make friends, thanks to your confidence, boldness and natural gift to socialize in any setting. You are the one in the group everyone looks to when they want to get lit or turn up. But sometimes your strong personality can be a lot to take, especially when you consider how you’re never afraid to tell people what’s on your mind and when you think your friends are wrong. With their go-getter personality, Aries individuals are always looking to surround themselves around people who are just as enthusiastic, energetic and confident as they are. Taurus Not only are you reliable, patient and grounded, Taurus. But you’re also a trustworthy friend and the voice of reason. If there is anyone among your friends who is dealing with heartbreak, you, as the Taurus of the group, is usually the first one to comfort your BFF. Because you don’t adapt well to change, it’s likely that your core group of friends consist of people you’ve known from your childhood or for a long time. That’s right, no new friends allowed in your very tight circle.   Gemini We can promise that with you, Gemini, there will never be a dull moment among your friends. You’re very social and it’s pretty easy for you to strike up a conversation with strangers. Which explains why it’s so easy for your besties to talk to you and confide in you. Not only that, but because of your restless nature with seeking new adventures and experiences, you’re always down for an exciting trip or opportunity with your friends. Though your curiosity and indecisiveness can sometimes drive your friends crazy, your besties appreciate you for your candidness and sense of humor. Even though your symbol is depicted as two faces, you’re not dishonest or a backstabber. Cancer As a sensitive and emotional Cancer, you often know when something is bothering your BFFs before they do. Cancers are highly intuitive to others’ needs, which allows them to sense things very easily. However, their moodiness and pessimistic attitude when dealing with challenges can sometimes drag the group down. But above all, you’re a loyal person who always has your friends’ backs. As the imaginative and creative friend, you’re the one in the squad who convinces everyone else in the group to express themselves and try something new.