New Friends Can Lead To New Love! 6 Non-Traditional Ways to Expand Your Circle

The Matchmaking Duo Aug, 14, 2018

For some of our busiest single professional clients, it’s almost impossible for them to find time to date more traditionally — like, make time to attend social events or find a seat at a bar or club. Even now “online dating” has become the new go-to way to date, but who has time to sit and swipe for hours a day. Many are busy running their own businesses or practices, entertaining, or even sitting in political seats.

What we hear from these clients, and is a common theme across the board, is that even the first step of dating (connecting with someone new) no longer feels possible or fun!

Where is everyone? Start with more non-traditional ways to meet new people. As we think of some of our coaching clients and how they’ve enlarged their circle, here are a few ways to make some new connections on a personal level and maybe even find The One while you’re at it.

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Join a co-ed group with like-minded people whether it’s doing something you already love to do or a brand new hobby that’s been on your bucket list. It could be joining a cycling club, wine lovers, a dance class, or golfing. Meet other singles there and possibly a new Beau.

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Go for a morning or afternoon walk – Believe it or not, this is a really great way to meet new people. Keep in mind these are people who have decided for probably some of the same reasons you have to live in the same area. Say hello and strike up a conversation. And the great news is it should be relatively easy to meet again for lunch, dinner, or even on the weekends.

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Challenge yourself- Yes we know you have a busy schedule but challenge yourself to give 10 smiles and 5 hellos throughout the day. Yes just to random people because it opens yourself up to have more conversations and meet the people around you. Slow down your pace and allow yourself additional time to get from one point to another and be prepared to stop and get to know someone. Extra points to you if you end up exchanging numbers to continue the conversation later!

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Be ready 24/7 – As Relationship Coaches we encourage our clients to not wait until they’re all dressed up to go out to a concert or a night on the town with friends to be in the mindset of meeting someone awesome. Whether you’re running to the bank on a Saturday morning or to the gas station after work, always be aware that someone amazing could be there. Just think, no place within your daily routine is off limits.

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Volunteer – There’s nothing better than the feeling of giving back. It’s also a great way to meet new people who believe in the cause that’s near and dear to your heart. You can start on the local level and even attend regional and national conferences. You never know whose championing the cause right under your nose!

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Plan a girls night in… No one beating down your door with an invitation? Create your own night of fun by making your favorite dish and inviting your girlfriends over. Tell them each to invite a friend (male or female) and host a sporting event, dinner party or even a game night like @Race2theBling at the house. A fun twist would be to have everyone use their alter ego name with name tags as they enter the room instead of their real name to use as an immediate ice breaker.

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