Simple Travel Hacks To Make Your Airport Experience A Breeze
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For many of us, if we could skip the experience of having to go through the airport to get to and from a destination, trust us, we would. From beginning to end there really isn’t too much to enjoy about the process, however, it’s a step in the journey that we can’t avoid.

From long lines and overly intrusive security measures, to usb port hogs and pricey food, the airport struggle is real – but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few ways to make the pre-flight process a little less hectic and we’re here to show you how. With these tips we’ll help you’ll level up your game so that your next trip to the airport is a breeze.

Weigh Your Suitcase In Advance

Mixed race woman unable to close suitcase before leaving the hotel room

There are few things that annoy travelers more at the airport than having to rearrange their suitcase at the counter because it’s too heavy. You’ve seen these annoyed people, scrambling to figure out how many shirts they can put on at once to get the weight down, as onlookers soak in disgust. Don’t let this be you, weigh your bag at home with a personal luggage scale so that there are no surprises.

Get TSA Pre-Check Or Clear

Female passengers going through security check. Security staff checking luggage of travelers. They are at airport.

Having to take off everything you own and disrupt your neatly packed bags to go through security has to be the bane of every traveler’s existence. Though we understand it’s an unavoidable situation meant for our protection, it’s still a hassle. One way to make the experience a little bit better is to get TSA Pre-Check or Clear. Because these programs essentially deem you somewhat safe by the government, they allow you to skip to the front of the line (most times) and don’t always require you to remove items like shoes and belts.

Bring A Reusable Water Bottle

Young African American athlete having a water break in nature.

Bringing in liquids through security is a no-no, and buying food and drinks in the airport can add up really quick. Instead, grab your favorite reusable water bottle and make sure you fill up at the many water stations located near gates. Not only will you save money, but you’ll stay hydrated, which helps on long flights.

Protect Your Data With A Powerbank

African American woman connecting cable to cell phone

Using the USB ports at airports seems like a great way to stay charged up while you wait for your flight, but really, it’s a great way for hackers to get access to your personal data. Keep your info safe by carrying your own powerbank (and not sharing it with strangers) for when you’re running low.

Track Your Luggage

A woman of African descent is standing in an airport. She is getting her baggage from the carousel.

There’s nothing worse than standing at baggage claim and scanning the endless black suitcases, in hopes to spot yours with the pretty pink bow. Instead of going through that headache, secure your luggage by placing a bluetooth tracker like Tile inside so that you always know where your luggage is anywhere in the world.