This $25 Pocket-Size Gadget is a Must Have Gift For The Tech Lover in Your Life
Photo Credit: Amazon

If there’s a tech lover in your life, chances are they have all the latest, well, everything. From Macbooks and iPads to GoPros, drones and more, the number of gadgets at their disposal is probably endless.  So what do you get the techie that has everything?

One thing most tech junkies don’t have is a way to keep track of their most precious items, that’s why the perfect gift to give them this holiday season is a Tile bluetooth tracker ($25).

Photo Credit: Amazon

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This pocket-size tracker will end up being their favorite tech gadget of all, because with Tile, they can keep track of anything they stick it to. Need to make sure you don’t lose your pricey new phone? Stick a Tile on it. Want to be able to find your computer in a room full of Starbucks entrepreneurs? Stick a Tile on it. They’re not regulated to just tracking gadgets either, they can keep track of everything from house keys to their dog simply by attaching the Tile.

The intuitive app even allows users to see the general or last location of an item on a map, play an alert tone, ring their cell phones (even when it’s on silent), and activate a community find alert that allows other Tile app users to give updates on the location of a lost or stolen item if it’s nearby.

Photo Credit: Amazon

Bonus, Tile is totally affordable, starting at just $25. Basically, Tile is the ultimate tech gift for that special someone that can’t live without knowing where their favorite gadgets are at all times. And the best part, once you get them one, you’ll be on the list of favorite things they’ll want to keep track of too.




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