Black Travel Vibes: A Trip to Chile Needs to Be Next on Your Travel Bucket List
Photo Credit: @fittravelqueen

When it comes to traveling to South America, Brazil and Colombia seem to be all you ever hear about. Now, while these destinations definitely need to be on every traveler’s wish list, there’s so much more to be explored on the continent.

Chile is a hidden gem that offers something for every type of traveler and is also a gateway to major bucket list check off, Antartica. From mountains and deserts to Winelands and calm ocean waves, Chile is a destination that will surprise you from the moment you arrive.

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Nigerian traveler Ulaku (@fittravelqueen) recently journeyed to the underrated country to explore and discovered so much more than she expected. Check out our guide to see why Chile should move to the top of your 2019 travel list.


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