Black Travel Moment Of The Day: This Bucket List Endeavor Had Us On The Edge Of Our Seats
Photo Credit: @donnydidthat
When it comes to things Black travelers supposedly don’t do, the list is long. Allegedly we don’t swim, eat strange foods, wet our bundles, frolic in cold weather, mess with animals or do anything adventurous in general, especially when it comes to heights. But whoever made that list clearly got it all wrong. Black travelers do everything and love adventure just like anyone else, yet nothing prepared us for the thrill-filled bucket list adventure that self-proclaimed adrenaline junkie Donny had when he took flying high to a whole new level. No, ladies and gents, these pictures have not been photoshopped. Donny was actually strapped to the outside of a moving plane! He decided to go on this wing-walking experience to celebrate his birthday, and if the photos haven’t left you breathless, then the video of him performing the stunt will have you on the edge of your seat. Now while we might sit this particular adventure out, we’ve got nothing but love for Donny—and all the adventurers out there who are taking on the challenge of living their best life daily and breaking stereotypes in the process.  


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