25 Times Black Women Shattered Travel Stereotypes One Adventure at a Time
Photo Credit: @Chigirlmakeup
How many times have you heard that Black people don’t do – insert unfounded claim here – when it comes to travel, and especially when it comes to Black women? According to some corners of the internet Black women don’t get their hair wet, get dirty, do anything with animals, enjoy cold weather, fitness related activities, or anything adventurous in general. Now we’re not sure when these myths began or why in the year 2018, and in the age of Instagram, people still hold on to them, but ESSENCE is here to set the record straight for those who didn’t get the memo. Gone are the days where #BlackGirlMagic is suppressed by fear. These 25 women are living life with no limitations and shattering travel stereotypes one adventure at a time because Black women do…everything!