5 Islands To Visit In Indonesia That Are Not Bali
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At last count, Indonesia was made up of 14,752 different islands, yet not a day that goes by where you can scroll through social media without seeing photos of travelers exploring Bali. Now don’t get us wrong, the “Island of the Gods” is definitely magical and a surefire hit amongst Black women for its lush rice paddies, awe-inspiring temples and of course, the famous Bali Swing. But there’s more to Indonesia than its most famous destination.

In most cases, all it takes is a short flight from the tourist paradise to discover alternatives to the typical Balinese adventure. Picturesque islands like Moyo, Sumbawa, Java, and Borneo offer the same (or better) experiences than Bali without the smog infused traffic, crowds, and wall to wall big-box resorts most travelistas leave out of their photos and enthusiastic ‘Bali owes me nothing!’ reviews. In fact, if you ask those that dared to travel deeper, chances are they’ll tell you that Indonesia’s other islands are the true essence of the country and what Bali used to be before it became a travel hotspot.

This year switch things up and inject some fresh life into your adventures with five Indonesian islands that will be a treat for your senses, help you reclaim your zen and have you saying ‘Bali who?’.

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