Black Travel Vibes: Relax On The Colorful Shores Of Komodo Island
Photo Credit: @helzzzrich

There’s not a day that goes by where you can scroll through social media without seeing photos of travelers exploring Bali. The magical island paradise is definitely a big hit with its lush rice paddies, awe-inspiring temples, sandy beaches, and cultural vibes. But there’s more to Indonesia than its most famous destination.

At last count, Indonesia was made up of 14,752 different islands, and out of those, one location that many seem to skip over when planning their adventure is Komodo Island. An hour flight from Bali (tickets can cost as little as $90), Komodo is a ruggedly stunning island filled with namesake dragons and relaxing pink sand beaches that will fill your friends back home with envy with every photo.

Social media manager Helena (@helzzzrich) recently went island hopping around Indonesia and the beauty she shows off in her images have us ready to move a visit to Komodo Island to the top of our wish lists. If you’ve been looking for an alternative to the typical Bali adventure, check out tips from our exclusive guide and discover a side to Indonesia you’ve never seen.

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