Black Travel Vibes: This Western Australia Adventure Was A Dream Come True
Photo Credit: @kelleesetgo

When most people think of Australia they think of two things: the Crocodile Hunter and kangaroos. Very few people know much about the land down under, and the insanely long flight time often removes it from most people’s immediate travel list. But there’s so much more to discover about Australia beyond what we think we already know.

As one of the world’s largest countries, Australia has a varied landscape and is home to everything from opera houses to dormant volcanoes and surfer-friendly beaches. Recently, adventure travel journalist and badass pilot Kellee Edwards (@kelleesetgo) took her first trip to the continent to explore western Australia and get up close and personal with its marine life. Edwards even got the chance to check a major adventure off her bucket list when she swam with a whale shark in the Ningaloo Reef, and they were twinning!

If going down under has always been a dream destination, check out these photos from Kellee’s epic moment and our handy guide, and get inspired to make your Australian dream a reality today.

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