7 Cute Headwraps Every Black Woman Needs to Protect Her Hair When She Travels
Photo Credit: Emijaa Jaaemil

Travel looks good on Instagram, but the process of getting from your home to your exotic island villa can take a toll on your body – and your hair. Dry airplane air and scratchy cloth seats are a breeding ground for frizz, fuzz and split ends, and can have you looking less than camera ready when you land.

Now if you were at home you’d just break out one of your $2 silk-ish headwrap from the local beauty supply and call it a day, but no one wants to be caught dead walking through airports and planes looking like they just rolled out of bed. So what’s a fashionable travelista to do?

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From wraps to turbans and bonnets, these headwraps are both functional and stylish and will allow you to keep your hair cute from takeoff to touch down without any shame in your game.


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