This $15 Natural Travel Mist Can Help You Stay Germ-Free on Your Next Flight
Photo Credit: PlaneAire

Unless you’re lucky enough to own a private jet, chances are you’re taking a plane to travel to your next destination, which means coming in contact with millions of germs for a long period of time. Just thought of it can make you want to never fly again – well maybe not, but it probably does get you thinking about how to stay healthy during flights so your vacation isn’t ruined.

No one wants to spend their trip ill because they used their in-flight entertainment screen without gloves and a hazmat suit, that’s why before you catch your next flight you need PlaneAire natural travel mist ($14.99, amazon).

Photo Credit: PlaneAire

Made from 100% pure and certified organic essential oils and ingredients, PlaneAire’s mist kills 99.99% of illness-causing bacteria, like staphylococcus, salmonella, pseudomonas and MRSA, keeping you and your travel squad protected from sneezing neighbors and sticky surfaces all flight long.

Use the fragrant, quick-drying mist on seats, tray tables, air vents, and any other surface you touch during your travels. PlaneAire isn’t restricted to just airplanes either, it’s travel friendly size means you can take with you for use on trains, buses, cruises, and even in taxis and hotels.

Photo Credit: PlaneAire

PlaneAire is so safe, that you don’t even have to worry about using it around little jetsetters, making it a travel must for them too.  The best part is, PlaneAire is totally affordable at just $14.99, so there’s no reason for you to ever travel without it again.  Bye-bye germs!