Teyana Taylor Explains Why She Hustles Harder Than Anyone You Know
Courtesy of Teyana Taylor

There’s nothing Teyana Taylor can’t do. In fact, there’s very little that the star doesn’t do. While she started her career as a dancer and singer, she’s since added actress, director, creative director (for retailer PrettyLittleThing) to her resume, and most recently, spokeswoman for LG.

She’s partnered with the brand for their latest campaign, the LG Laundry Dance Lab, which aims to inspire people to upgrade their laundry routine by getting active and having some fun (and by trying out their line of sleek washer/dryer combos). Taylor is seen breaking out some formidable dance moves after loading the washer to the sounds of a remix of “Just the Two of Us.” She also joins teen TikTok sensation Jalaiah Harmon for the campaign.

We couldn’t help but wonder as a constantly booked and busy mother of two and wife, among other things, if doing chores and having down time at home with her brood is as fun as it seems in the ad. Check out what she had to say about the joy of taking on tasks with her girls, but why the busier she is wearing her many hats, the better it is for the star and her family.

ESSENCE: What drew you to this fun campaign by LG? It’s different from the things we’ve seen you lend your talents to in the past. 

Teyana Taylor: That right there was actually what drew me to the campaign, the fun and lighthearted nature of it! I’m naturally a person that likes to have fun anyway.  So when the campaign first started and I saw some of the first videos and the “chore-eography,” I thought it was super dope. It was also super fun to get the opportunity to dance with little Miss Jalaiah! She’s such a talent. She reminds me so much of myself at 15.

You make doing laundry for a household look very exciting! But when you’re not working and wearing one of your many hats, what is a day in the life like at home tending to your girls and taking care of chores?

Wow, where do I even start regarding home life with the girls? They bring such great energy and purpose to my daily life, I can talk endlessly about those moments.  Every second that I get to spend with them inside our sanctuary is so precious to me. That’s when I have my mommy hat on exclusively.  Something as simple as Junie saying, “Mommy let’s bake a cake,” or the three of us dancing to music while straightening up, all while Rue simultaneously disorganizes what we’ve just done. 

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How do you balance all of the roles you do have? You’re a director, a creative director for PrettyLittleThing, an actress, a singer, a wife, a mom. And what does prioritizing self-care look like for you so you don’t get too overwhelmed? 

The thing about it is that there’s no exact formula to it. I love to stay busy.  It keeps me calm because it’s the reassurance that things are happening. It’s all about drive and understanding your why.  My why is my family.  They’re my number one priority.  I also believe if you put God first, everything else will fall into place. 

You’ve started your Last Rose Petal farewell tour. How are you feeling as you prepare to walk away from music? And what was it about your experience that was no longer bringing you joy that motivated you to choose joy in other ways? 

I’m feeling phenomenal! If life were looked at as a book, You wouldn’t be afraid of turning the pages. You’d flick through effortlessly entering new chapter after chapter, curiously looking forward to seeing what’s next. That’s exactly how I feel. In so many instances, the best [is] yet to come!

As a dancer, a pretty phenomenal one, how is it for you to see your husband excel on Dancing With the Stars? And how do you guys encourage each other in the pursuit of your different passions?

I’m super proud of him! I love seeing him excel in that arena. He really goes out there week after week and gives it everything he has, and you can see it in his performance that he didn’t come to play! [laughs]. It’s so funny, because I be literally coaching him through like “Babe, you got this! Go out there and make mama proud!” [laughs]. Regarding Iman, he’s always been my biggest cheerleader.


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