Stylist Shiona Turini On The Style ‘Evolution’ In ‘Insecure’ Season 5 And Why She’s Obsessed With Ray-Ban Stories Sunglasses
Courtesy of Shiona Turini

Whether you’re an avid content creator on social media, want to live life hands-free or just love to collect stylish sunglasses, the new Ray-Ban Stories are the latest tech innovation to covet.

We’re personally obsessed with the frames, which were released in September through a partnership of the iconic sunnies brand and Facebook. The smart glasses allow you to capture videos and photos as they’re equipped with 5 MP cameras that can obtain footage of whatever it is you’re seeing. In addition, the frames can replace your headphones, allowing you to answer and place phone calls, listen to music (and despite not being in one’s ear, the noise of the outside world won’t clash with your jams) and stay updated on all the new videos popping up on your home page.

The best thing about the sunglasses is that you can stay present in whatever moment you want to capture. Instead of fumbling with your phone or being obvious when you’d rather be discreet, you can just say, “Hey, Facebook, take video” and get, for instance, 30 seconds worth of footage of whatever is happening in the world around you to share.

The Ray-Ban stories start at $299 and come in 20 frame styles and lens color combinations to match your personal style, from the Meteor to the spunky Round option and the beloved Wayfarer for those who want to get their Risky Business on.

No one knows more about the importance of style and capturing great content than celebrated stylist Shiona Turini. Known for her eye-catching editorial work, styling notable celebrities (hey, Daniel Kaluuya!) and being the style maven behind all the looks you’ve been wanting shopping details for on Insecure since Season 3, Turini loves the frames. She’s been using the glasses to do everything from capturing looks for photo shoots to just protecting her eyes and keeping her tunes coming during hiking workouts in Los Angeles. We talked to the sartorial star about how the Ray-Ban Stories have fit into her lifestyle, how they can best fit into ours, and what looks we can expect our faves to rock as the final season of Insecure begins.

ESSENCE: As not just a fashionista but THEE fashionista, first of all, what style of Ray-Ban Stories frames did you choose and how does that speak to your sense of style? 

Shiona Turini: I chose the Wayfarer. I love sunglasses and have a ton that I have collected over the years.  Many of them are big fashion moments. But there was something about the technology that made me gravitate to what has to be one of the most classic, most iconic sunglass shapes in history.

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How have the Ray-Ban Stories helped you in your day-to-day? I saw that you’ve been capturing your own OOTD and worn them them while putting together looks for clients. 

I have worn the Stories during prep and to a few shoots that I’ve been working on since they came out. I got some really great content from the Insecure Season 5 campaign shoot – showing the prep and setup.  Having sunglasses that could also snap photos is a dream, as I am always toggling between using my phone and taking my sunglasses off so I can see the screen. With Ray-Ban Stories, problem solved! They’ve also upped the game for unboxing videos. I am notoriously really bad at filming with one hand and people on the internet will let you know it! [laughs]. Filming hands-free will be great for so many content creators. 

Courtesy of Shiona Turini

What is your favorite feature of the Ray-Ban Stories so far?

I love how practical they are! Something that not everyone from my fashion life knows about me is that I love the outdoors and I love to hike. I have been wearing Ray-Ban Stories on hikes around Los Angeles, and I love how I am able to capture that perspective. I also love the built-in speakers –– a feature I didn’t even think I would be obsessed with, but here we are! Being able to answer calls and listen to music through my sunglasses is pretty incredible. I’ll never lose another headphone while I’m out for a run or hike. 

With Insecure’s last season getting ready to premiere, can you tease any fashion risks the main characters will be taking or any change in the direction of their style?

As the poster says: “Onward, Okay?!” All of the girls are really growing and changing this season, and you definitely will see some shifts and evolution when it comes to their style. As life happens, our aesthetics might become more refined, or we might realize that clothing is the last thing on our minds. This season was really fun to costume design because we were exploring this concept [of] how do we communicate through clothing, when faced with big life changes? I think you will see lots of changes and risks from ALL the characters. We experimented a lot with Issa though, and I’m excited to see that come to life on screen.

Ray-Ban Stories are available now at select Ray-Ban stores and on They are also available with Polarized (starting at $329), Transitions lenses ($379) and prescription options.