This Smart Garden Makes Eating Fresh Easier Than Ever
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It’s no secret that getting on track with a healthy lifestyle can be a struggle. Most people tend to only focus on the fitness side of things, without recognizing that the type of food we eat plays a big role as well.

We all know eating healthy can be expensive as hell. Weekly trips to Whole Foods or the local farmer’s market can eat a hole in your budget, and the costs often deter people from sticking to their goals. So what’s a girl determined to be snatched for life to do? Have no fear, as usual, your crew here at ESSENCE has this problem handled.

AeroGarden ($89.95) is a smart garden that allows you to grow fresh herbs and vegetables in your home, with ease. No more going to the store and blowing your budget on produce, the AeroGarden allows you to grow tomatoes, peppers, basil, rosemary, tea and more.

Have a thumb that’s more black than green? Sis, you’re not alone, I too have killed my fair share of plants in my lifetime. But what makes this garden so great is that in addition to it being countertop friendly (making it perfect for apartment dwellers), all you have to do to get started on your road to Black Martha Stewart-hood is drop in the seed pods, and add the water and plant food. That’s it! Before you know it you’ll have fresh, pesticide-free produce at less than what you’d pay in stores.

Bonus, you can eat healthy year-round with this smart garden, so there’s no excuse to not stay on track with your goals. Now go forth and get snatched, you can thank us later.