Exclusive: ‘Married At First Sight’ Stars Woody And Amani Are Expecting Their First Child
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On their second anniversary, Married at First Sight Season 11 alums Woody and Amani are sharing the good news — they’re expecting their first child. The couple, who met during the Lifetime show’s season in New Orleans, share the news exclusively with ESSENCE.

“We’re so blessed to be able to embark on this journey of parenthood as we celebrate our second anniversary together,” they said jointly.

REEM Photography (@photosbyreem)

Amani found out that she was expecting after a bout of sickness. She thought she was ill from something she consumed, but Woody was hopeful it meant a baby was on board.

“We found out I was pregnant after I was about 8 weeks,” she tells us. “I had been feeling pretty sick after a visit to L.A. filming for the MAFS Boston special. I assumed it was food poisoning from ahi tuna but Woody hoped I was expecting.”

She continued, “I took a pregnancy test that weekend and got a negative result. After getting home and still feeling nauseous, Woody insisted that I take another test. I reluctantly took another test one Saturday morning and yelled for him to come in the bathroom. He smiled and said ‘What, are you pregnant?’ I nodded, and handed him the positive pregnancy test. He smiled so big! I kicked him out of the bathroom [laughs].”

REEM Photography (@photosbyreem)

“Unconvinced, I took another test and got another positive result,” she added. “Today, I am 24 weeks (six months) and couldn’t be happier.”

The couple were matched as strangers for Season 11 — or at least they were supposed to be strangers. “We did not know each other,” she said on their YouTube channel. “We’d seen each other. We actually met for the first time two weeks before we got married.” After finding out they’d been matched with someone, Woody met Amani while she was bartending at a popular spot he and his friends had brunch at. They had some light conversation, but kept flirtation to a minimum because they knew they were about to be married.

REEM Photography (@photosbyreem)

“I was seeing past him, because I was already looking for my husband,” she said. “I was like, ‘He’s nice, but I have a husband on the way.’”

And as fate would have it, he was that — and now they’re expecting their first child. Another Married at First Sight success story! Congratulations to the couple on two years of marriage and the expansion of their family.