Rihanna Went Baby Shopping At Target And Here’s What She Threw In Her Cart (And What She Should Have)
Mike Coppola/Getty Images

Even billionaires can appreciate the allure of goodies at Target.

Pop star and businesswoman Rihanna made a Target run this past week in Los Angeles. She was dressed in the highest fashions and heels with the signature red cart by her side (and a small entourage who helped her shop and allowed her to do so in peace).

While we can’t tell you for sure what she left the store with, but she was spotted picking up multiple Gerber onesie packs and according to Entertainment Tonight, both boy and girl baby clothes to keep people guessing. One piece she seemed to love, we also found incredibly adorable. It’s a little gown and diaper covering from Cat & Jack, a brand at Target full of super cute baby and toddler pieces.

She showed off the Soutache dress from the brand, a sleeveless getup with ruffled detailing in coral pink. The dress is available for wee ones newborn to 24 months for $18.99.

After taking over Paris Fashion Week, going to major events and continuing her reign as the red carpet queen, Ri Ri is in her third trimester, a time of nesting and getting things in order. She’s preparing for this big change in life and recently told ELLE, of all the advice she’s received, she’s trying to prioritize the sleep recommendations.

“Probably the best advice is to sleep now because I won’t get much later,” she said. “I need to work on that before it’s a thing of the past.”

Though we’re used to seeing Rihanna in the finest designer threads (same for her beau A$AP Rocky), it’s nice that she knows a good deal and some cute pieces when she sees them. And as mentioned, Target is full of rabbit holes (the good kind, not the disorienting negative kind), especially when shopping for kiddos. You can go in for pacifiers and walk out with a new selection of pajamas, rompers and shoes that it’s debatable whether or not you really needed them. No regrets!

All that being said, shopping for babies is fun, and if we went baby clothes shopping at Target with the Bajan Badgirl, we’d recommend the following pieces (keep scrolling!).