The Items I’m Shopping To Deck Out My Brand New Apartment

A few months ago I shared the Black art that I was scoping out for my new apartment as a manifestation tool because there was no apartment in sight, y’all.

Now that I’ve finally found the right place and moved in, I’ve been shopping non-stop to create the perfect space for myself and my son.

Between furniture goldmines like Wayfair, Amazon and Urban Outfitters I’ve been able to put something together that I think will put a smile on my face every time I walk through the door.

As a single working mom, I’ve also put a lot of thought into how much I spend and where to invest my hard-earned money.

I figured it only right to share the steals I’ve come across in case it tickles anyone else’s fancy as much as it does mine.

Behold, everything I’ve purchased for my home so far.

Shop below!

Dominique Hobdy is the Senior Commerce Editor for She rests her head in Brooklyn, NY and spends her time scouring the internet for products worthy of Black women’s hard-earned cash. You can follow her shenanigans on Instagram @d_hobdy.