Moving into a new apartment conjures up several emotions — excitement, gratitude, nerves and even frustration. In planning for the new home that I am currently manifesting and claiming (Amen? Amen), my mind keeps going back to decor and how I can make a statement.  Weirdly enough, the voice of “Buggin’ Out” from Spike Lee’s Do The Right Thing keeps urging me to make sure I “get some Black people up on these walls.” And you know what? He’s right. I’ve decided to oblige by adorning my walls with Black paintings and works only. We know there’s a bevy of artists to choose from because Black people and art are one and the same. While I can’t include everyone on my list, I thought it only fair to share some talented creators that I’m looking towards to make my house a home. If your home needs a new influx of melanated masterpieces, shop these dope artists below!

Instagram: @change_makers

These reconstructed JET Magazine covers scream nostalgia while offering a fresh and relevant perspective.

Instagram: @yesterdaynite

Smith’s work is well-recognized and celebrated for good reason. There’s something to be said for the way he offers up Black culture in the light of Afro Surrealism.

Instagram: @theebouffants

Kendra’s fun and quirky prints present Black girls in a multi-faceted, carefree and stylish light.

Instagram: @popcaribe

This contemporary painter’s work gives off afro-centric, intergalactic vibes that I’m so here for.

available at Kalin Devone SHOP

Instagram: @kalin_renee

There’s no other way to put it, sis is a genius. This stunning oil painter brings Black royalty to life with her uncannily realistic work.

Instagram: @monicaahanonu

Monica’s work is everything I’ve ever wanted pop art to be. Featuring some of our most iconic Black figures, her work is sure to add a much-needed dose of color to your space.

Instagram: @linairisviktor

Viktor’s rich, golden depiction of African and Egyptian symbolism is colossal in so many ways — its scope, vision, and execution. This piece is sure to become a family heirloom, and what’s better than adding value to your legacy through art?

available at Kesha Bruce< SHOP

Instagram: @keshabruce

Kesha’s beautiful abstract art will add warmth and character to any space it touches. We love that she adds a unique touch to each piece, making all of her work one of a kind.

Instagram: @artbymonday

Stacie’s depiction of Black women is ethereal, feminine and powerful. We love her use of vibrant color to tell a story.

Instagram: @shadrieka

I was drawn to Shadra’s work because the piece above looks like my Haitian grandmother. Her detailed and nostalgic works are more like family portraits than objective depictions of moments and people. There’s a familiar element to her work that will surely add to your home.

Mark’s majestic renditions of beautiful Black people is seeping with regality. His blending of life-like details with surreal surroundings is moving to say the least.


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