13 Photos Of Stars Attending The Academy Awards With Their Moms
Rick Rowell via Getty Images

If you’re going to go to the Academy Awards, it makes sense to go with your number one fan: your mom. Plenty of stars have done it over the years, hitting the red carpet or watching the show with the support of their favorite lady. When Denzel Washington won his first Oscar for Glory, his mom was there (and he told her how much he loved her). When rapper and actor Common won alongside John Legend the Best Original Song Oscar for their song “Glory” from Selma, his mom was there. When Halle Berry took home Best Actress for Monster’s Ball, she was there with her mom (and ex-husband Eric Benet) and made sure to thank her number one girl in an emotional speech.

“I want to thank my mom who has given me the strength to fight every single day to be who I want to be and to give me the courage to dream, that this dream might be happening and possible for me,” she said through tears in 2002. “I love you, Mom, so much.”

Whether they were taking home statuettes, nominated, performing, or just showing up, celeb moms are often there, all smiles, cheering their big, famous kids on. We’ll have to see at this Sunday’s ceremony if the tradition will continue. Until then, check out 13 times your favorites attended the Academy Awards with their moms (and in one case, their grandmother, too!).