Keyshia Cole Grieves The Loss Of Her Beloved Dog Lola
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Keyshia Cole is dealing with the loss of a loved one she calls one of her best friends “in real life”: her beloved dog Lola.

The singer shared the news on Wednesday that her 14-year-old miniature schnauzer died. She initially announced it in her Instagram Stories, in anguish.

“She’s gone!” she wrote over a photo of the dog. “I fu–ing can’t with this bullsh-t”

She would open up about her connection with the dog, around before the birth of her oldest son Daniel, Jr., in a post saying she was an extremely loyal pet and important part of her life.

“I’m gonna miss my Lola !!!!!!” she wrote on Instagram. “A companion fit for a queen. I knew it was real that one time I got my heart broke, and couldn’t get out out bed. She didn’t get up until I got up! Boy was she happy when I got over that sh-t! To see her and Djs relationship come full circle, and to end up being really close. She really was the smartest animal I’ve ever encountered… she was my Besty in REAL LIFE! There through thick and thin everyday [sic] for the last 14 years!!”

Cole even mentioned that she halted a performance years ago to help deliver Lola’s puppies when she went into labor, which shows just how much she cared for her furry friend.

“We were so close and I was looking forward to @tobiaskhale and her relationship evolving just like her and @daniel_gibsonjr s did. I’m so sad and heartbroken, but I KNO everything is not for a lifetime.!” she said. “I’ve realized this. Things people and places get old, and we are all constantly progressing”

“Love you Lola Mae Cole FOR LIFE BABY GIRL !!!!” she added. “I LOVE U LOVE YOU LOVE YOU”

Cole has always had special relationships with her pets. In 2011 she had a funeral for her dog Gizmo, casket and all (she’s seen holding Lola at the event). And Lola has been a part of many important moments in her life, including a maternity photo shoot from 2019 where the pup stole the show in sunglasses.

The singer’s ruminations on life in the wake of Lola’s passing also come after the death of her adoptive father Leon Cole last month and the loss of her mom, Frankie Lons, in July — all significant losses within a few months of each other. Our thoughts are with Cole


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